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Review of Three Roses
Co-stars: Rambha, Jyothika
Direction : Parameshwar
Music Director: Karthik Raja
Producer: Vasu

Story :










The Three Roses Charu (Rambha), bold and beautiful, Nandhu (Laila), soft and sweet and Pooja (Jothika), intelligent and suave are students who learn music in abroad and are close pals. They perform together and also have given few albums. After finishing the course the trio returns to India with an idea of bringing out an album in Tamil. Shankar is supposed to be a private detective who has been entrusted with a job of following the Three Roses. Immediately after touching the Indian soil they land in a petty quarrel in the airport and fight with a thug who is the gang man of a weirdly politician (Rajan P.Dev). In an attempt to help their friend Rekha who eloped with her lover from Kuwait to India in a fake passport these three daredevils land in trouble. They seek the help of the local lawyer Urvasi to handle Rekha's case. In the meantime the girls father from Kuwait who wants her back alive approaches the politician with tons of money to get back his girl. How our three angels go out of the way and do all tricks, gunfights, and exciting stunts to save their friend and unite them forms the climax.

The film opens with these Three glamorous Roses talking about how they are bored of playing heroine roles running around trees in duets with the heroes and instead why not do the role of a hero with great stunts, fights and the sort. And they have also proved and excelled in their mission. The angels fit the roles like a T. All the three look refreshingly beautiful with glamorous outfits. Vivek provides some humorous moments as the private detective. Hindi actor Govinda appears in a dance number. The main plot is taken from the real life story of Dalal Azmi who eloped to India from Kuwait in fake passport with her servant two years back. Although the film is in the making for a long time debutant director Parameshwar could retain the tempo of the film, making it presentable. Kanal Kannan's Matrix styles of fights are worth mention. Rajarajan's camera is a visual treat especially in the song sequences shot abroad. Two of the songs of Karthik Raja are peppy.

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