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Review of Gambeeram
Co-stars: Sarath Kumar, Pranathi, Baby Monica, Vadivelu, Thanikala Bharani, Sethu Vinayagam, Manicka Vinayagam, Jasper etc.
Director: Suresh
Music Director: Mani Sharma

Story :



Gambeeram brings out the personal and official life of an honest police officer. Sarath Kumar as the police officer exudes energy and brings out the full power of his rugged physique and as a husband and father he is a soft homely man vulnerable to emotions. He does full justice to the two sides of the character.

The film begins Muthusamy taking up the charge of an Assistant Commissioner of Chennai. He is an upright police officer who rises to AC level from an inspector. He lives with his small daughter Krithika (Baby Monica) and has a sad past. Vijayalakshmi (Laila), a constable at AC’s office gets closer to Krithika. In a flash back he tells about his beloved wife Saroja (Pranathi) who dies during delivery. In his effort to clean the society Muthusamy comes across lots of thugs and hooligans and becomes their enemy too. On one such incident while nabbing Naga (Jasper), an illegal arrack seller , Muthusamy finds out the nexus behind him. Three VIP’s, a famous industrialist Punniakodi (Sethuvinayakam), a union minister Rajendran (Thanikala Bharani) and an IAS officer Mani Bharathy (Manicka Vinayagam) have connections with Naga. How Muthusamy brings these three brutes to limelight forms the rest of the story.

In scenes where Sarath thinks about his wife and the happy moments he had and coming back to reality he sobs, anxiety writ large on his face when he sees his daughter in the ICU and in the scene when he tells Laila to not harbour any feelings towards him shows Sarath's acting abilities. The fight with Naga who is double the size of the hero, the climax in which a battered Sarath gets up to hit back his enemies, smashing up the table in the police station and driving away the lawyers are bound to be a treat for action lovers. Pranathi the debutant as the wife gives a very natural performance. Laila as the timid constable who turns into a brave girl is adequate. Vadivelu’s comedy is soaring. Baby Monica is cute and also acts well. Suresh who gave the hit film Arasu for Sarath Kumar has attempted an out and out commercial action film this time. The film sans logic is handled well. But the dialogues by Sethu Vinayagam humiliating the media could have been avoided. Kanal Kanna’s action choreography is commendable. . Mani Sharma’s music though resembles Arasu songs, is good. Camera work by Y.N.Murali is worth mentioning especially in the outdoor locales of Hampi.

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