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Co-stars: Arjun,Chaya Singh,Vadivelu, Raj Kapoor, kasan khan
Direction : Manoj Kumar
Music Director: Deva
Story :

Surya (Arjun) a rowdy and his girlfriend Baby (Laila), make a living by doing hit jobs for money. Vadivelu is the secretary of Surya. After Surya's various encounters with the rival gang, he lands up in Kancheepuram to save the District Collector from the rival gang. To add a twist, the Collector Jai is a look-alike of Surya.

In a flashback, the story shifts to Kolkatta where Jai Anand is the Collector. A straight forward Collector, Jai is in the hit-list of Highways Govindan, a thug who is the local MLA. After a brief investigation, Jai brings to book the MLA's corruption and sends him to jail.
Surya and his fiancee (Chaya Singh) decide to go back to their native Kancheepuram. Govindan sends his right-hand man (Kazhan Khan) to Kancheepuram to kill Jai. Now Surya is forced to act as Jai on the request of the collector's wife. How Surya saves Jai forms the rest of the story. When the film nears the end you will find very little difference between the Collector and the rowdy.

The only saving grace of the film is Laila who with impish smile and curvaceous figure keeps you entertained. Arjun does the action well but sadly the director and script lets him down. Music is pedestrian. Technically nothing much to talk about. Vadivelu's comedy does raise laughter.

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