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Review of Kanda Naal Mudhal
Co-stars: Prasanna, Laila, Karthik Kumar, Revathy, Lakshmi, Priyadarshani, Jagan, Regina , Vamsi Krishna, Srinivasa Murthy, Praveen, Venkat Raman
Direction : Saravana Subbiah
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Story :










Prakash Raj's Duet Films which gave us Azhagiya Theeye , a total comedy with Prasanna, now brings us Kanda Naal Mudhal , again with Prasanna in the lead role. He is joined by the lovely Laila, and others.
The movie starts with a scene 20 years ago in Chingleput, where a child named Krishna teases another child named Ramya, they fight, and Ramya bites Krishna.
15 years after this incident, at a college cultural festival at Erode, Krishna (Prasanna) again has a major fight with Ramya (Laila), a headstrong self-opinionated college girl with strong likes, dislikes, and forthright in her views. Ramya works in a software company and lives with her parents in Chennai, Shankar and Margatham (Srinivasamurthy and Revathy), and younger sister Latha (Regina). Latha loves a boy named Solomon, and persuades her parents to settle Akka's marriage fast, for which they agree promptly.
Krishna's mother died during his childhood, and he lives with his father and unmarried elder sister (Devadarshini). He has started a business with his childhood NRI friend Aravind ( Evam Karthik Kumar), whose differently-abled mother Ramani (Lakshmi) treats Krishna as her own son. At her insistence, Krishna convinces Aravind to come to India and get married as desired by his parents. When they go to meet the prospective bride, Krishna is shocked to find that it is his "old enemy" Ramya. Aravind wants a girl who has her own opinions, and is not afraid to express them, but Ramya's sister has brainwashed her to act meek and submissive, which she does to perfection. Krishna, who no longer thinks of Ramya as an enemy, and to finalise her match with Aravind, tries to convince Aravind that Ramya is the exact type of girl with her own views who will suit him to a "T", but Aravind is fooled by Ramya's meek submissive act, cancels their engagement, and rushes back to the US. Ramya is totally convinced that her "enemy" Krishna is responsible for the cancellation of her engagement. She returns from the airport after Aravind called off the engagement to find that her sister has eloped with Solomon, and this has left her parents heartbroken. Her mother suffers a major cardiac arrest, and is rushed to hospital. Krishna intervenes as a pillar of support, but his good intentions are also misconstrued initially. But he convinces her and her family that he is their true well-wisher. They conspire to keep secret from her mother, the fact of her cancelled engagement.
At Ramani's insistence, Krishna calls up Aravind regularly to convince him that he should not have cancelled his engagement and to call him back. He also sees Ramya and her family regularly. His father and sister realize that he has fallen in love with her, and approve of the same, encouraging him to reveal his emotions to Ramya.
Suddenly, Aravind plans to return to India. He is now willing to fall in with his mother's wishes and marry Ramya. Krishna is on the horns of a dilemma - should he reveal his feelings for Ramya, or should he remain loyal to the interests of Aravind? See the movie to find out.
What is not to be found in this film? Fights, sex, sleaze, fights, court scenes, police, unwanted comedy track, and double meaning dialogues. What is to be seen and enjoyed? A clean movie, good music, melodious songs with exotic costumes in exotic dream locations best appreciated only on a big screen, and top-class performances by all the actors.

What is missing from this movie? Prakash Raj, the actor. We miss your presence, Sir!

Prasanna played comedy in Azhagiya Theeye , then a serious role with fights in Kasturimaan . His role in Kanda Naal Mudhal is different from both of these, but he has performed superlatively in all three roles. He emotes with his eyes and body language; in each of these roles, one tends to forget that he is acting, because he has immersed himself totally in the characters he has played.

Lovely Laila - what can we say? She is wonderful. As a bubbly headstrong self-opinionated college girl, as a counseling elder sister, as a meek and submissive potential bride, as Krishna's lady-love, she excels in all. Do appreciate her bronzed make-up in some song sequences, which gives the fair Laila a dusky look!

Evam Karthik (husband of Mirchi Suchi) who plays the NRI Aravind also plays his role to perfection. Definitely a film worth watching, but don't miss the beginning - the children steal the show!

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