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Review of Pithamagan
Co-stars: Surya, Chiyaan Vikram
Direction : Bala
Music Director: Ilayaraja

Story :










Pithamagan is the much-awaited film of director Bala who made the careers of Vikram and Surya in Sethu and Nanda who are coming together in this film.

Pithamagan whirls around four characters. Chithan (Vikram) who is orphaned at a young age, devoid of all human contacts lives on his animal instincts and ekes out a living as a graveyard caretaker. Gomathy (Sangeetha) a petty ganja seller who pities Chitan's condition and gets him a job at the ganja fields of the main villain. Sakthi (Surya) the conman cons Manju (Laila), a poly technique student but does not get away with it. Sakthi meets Chithan in jail and takes pity on him and befriends him. It is Sakthi's affection that melts Chithan's stony heart.

This role, a rare one that has minimal dialogue but has a lot of body actions, is no doubt a challenging one for Vikram and he has played it extremely well. A lifetime performance by Vikram. Sakthi portrayed by Surya is a sly character whose livelihood is conning other victims. It is hilarious to watch the scenes where Manju's seething anger, which is directed at Sakthi, is turned away by Sakthi's quick-witted humour. Surya as the extrovert has lived in that character. Laila unlike her previous roles has more depth and has given a fine performance. Finally there is Gomathy the ganja-dealer played by Sangeetha. It has been a long time come back to films for Sangeetha who has got a new lease of acting, thanks to Pithamagan. She simply steals the show. Simran comes in an item number as actress Simran. Director Bala has given an unusual film with rare portrayals. He has taken extreme care in etching out the characters.Towards the end when Surya is brutally attacked by the local bigwig's men, Bala's brilliant direction moves the audience. Cameraman Balasubramanyem's visuals are stunning. Illayaraja's music especially background score is an asset to the director.

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