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Review of Ramakrishna
Co-stars: Ravichandran, Jaggesh, Kalyani, Doddanna, Sadhu Kokila, Saiprakash
Direction : Saiprakash
Music Director: S.A. Rajkumar
Story :

This is film is the remake of Aanpavam a Tamil film. Rama (Ravichandran) and Krishna (Jaggesh) are sons of Shankrappa (Doddanna), a rich villager. Shankrappa wants Rama to marry Lakshmi (Laila), daughter of Vishwanath (Srinivasamurthy), a teacher of Ramohalli but Rama visits a wrong house and likes Sita (Kalyani). He likes her and wants to marry her.

Shankrappa is hell bent on getting Rama married to Lakshmi who learning on Rama's refusal to marry her tries to commit suicide and becomes mute. Similiarly Sita's father is against his daughter's romance. In the climax we get to know who marries whom. Sai Prakash adds nothing new to the remake and ends with a predictable climax. Ravichandran takes a back seat with Jaggesh stealing the show. Among the heroines its Laila who excels .Rajkumar rehashes two songs which are catchy, Cinematography by Seetharam is average.

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