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Review of War and Love
Co-stars: Dileep, Prabhu, Mukesh Rishi, captain raju, Kalabhavan Mani, Vijayraghvan, Jagadessh
Direction : Vinayan
Music Director: Mohan Sithara

Story :










If one goes by the star cast and hype that the film created during it’s making then you expect a tolerably okay film. Once the movie starts to roll, you realize that you are in for a big bore. The film has neither war nor love. The film begins to sound funny when you find one regiment of army men coming from one region and everybody being interconnected and related. Pakis are shown as fools who keep on raving ‘Allah O Akbar’ at the drop of a hat and being sitting ducks to Indian soldiers. A Muslim General in Indian army is ISI agent. The Pak general is furious that the regiment headed by Prabhu killed his men who went inside Indian Border to spoil a wedding of a peasant. He asks the ISI agent to send the regiment headed by Prabhu to enemy territory and the Pak General Mukesh Rishi traps them. Now Pak Mujahideen in Pak jail batters Prabhu and men wearing jail clothes. The Muslim Indian soldiers are tortured and murdered. Amidst all this is Laila.

Who is the daughter of Mukesh Rishi. She was about to be raped by a Pak terrorist but Dileep saves her by dropping a boulder on the head of the rapist. From then starts love. It turns out Laila's forefathers are from Malapuram and so she speaks anglicized Malayalam. Dilip uses Laila to stop sending an IBM missile from the Pak camp. The entire Pak camp is blown up and only Dilip- Laila and Vijayraghavan survive this holocaust. Back home at a reception Laila takes the Indian flag and shouts Hindustan Zindabad.

Flag waving, anti Pak dialogues, bomb blasts, badly designed sets add to the films minus points. Prabhu with his hulk looks every inch a middle-aged clerk enjoying his routine life. Putting him in a uniform was a mistake and more so having his dialogues dubbed in Malayalam. Dileep does try to inject some humor but fails. The only plus point is Laila who comes as a whiff of fresh air. Music and cinematography is below average.

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